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Rockford Brewing Company (Rockford)

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Rockford Brewing Company focuses on three things: quality, community, and culture. 


Founded in 2011 along the scenic Rogue River & White Pine Trail, RBC believes in celebrating the drinking and food culture from around the world while utilizing the best West Michigan has to offer.


They are also a music and artist venue, showcasing local talent and providing a gathering space for all. Brewing beers and creating dishes that are both innovative and familiar, RBC is your home away from home.

Maple Grille (Hemlock)

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Not only do they use the freshest food they can find, they grow most of it in the lot out back. The hogs are hand picked along with the beef, the rabbit's are raised next to the vegetables they grow. When they run out of a certain cut it's on to the next. They buy the animals live and take them directly to the processor and serve them here on the wood fired Maple Grille. They do not have any cooking equipment or hot holding equipment inside, it's all cooked to order inside or outside for all to see. This isn't your normal restaurant but a fresh real food experience.


Windshadow Cheese Farm (Bangor)


Windshadow Farm & Dairy is home to happy pasture-raised goats that produce rich, creamy milk that is then turned into gourmet cheese. They farm in a way that is good for the animals, good for wildlife, good for the farmers, and good for the environment. They hope you enjoy learning more about their story and they invite you to become part of it.

The Victorian Bakery (Kalamazoo)

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These guys produce the healthiest baked products possible with the most natural ingredients locally available. They never introduce or add stabilizers, preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind to any product they serve. They simply bake the best, most natural products from scratch.

The Bakery was started in the basement of a Victorian House, built in 1859 by a fellow Irishman. They were bringing baked goods to their son's schools as a treat for the teachers and they became so popular, they had future customers asking to buy scones and cakes.

In December 2010, they moved the Bakery to 116 W. Crosstown Parkway in Kalamazoo.

This year's Dinner is SOLD OUT!

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